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Tips To Keep Your Corvette Clean And Looking Its Best

29 November 2018
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Taking care of your Corvette is an ongoing task with the amount of use your vehicle gets on a regular basis. Cleaning the interior of mud and dust and cleaning its exterior of snow, ice, and dirt can keep you constantly washing and wiping its surfaces. To help you keep your Corvette's interior and exterior clean, here are some extra accessories you can add to your car. Protective Floor Mats The traditional carpeted mats your Corvette comes with are helpful for collecting dirt from shoes so you can shake them out and vacuum around them when the time comes to clean up. Read More …

3 Tips To Keep In Mind As You Design A Custom Car Magnet

28 November 2018
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A custom car magnet is a great way to advertise your business. A custom car magnet, with the right design, can help you increase the exposure of your business. When you design custom car magnets, keep in mind that size, color, and simplicity matter. #1 It's All About the Quality & Size As you design an image for your custom car magnet, keep in mind that size matters. An image that looks great when it is across the top banner of your website or on your business card may not look as great when it is blown-up and stretched across your vehicle. Read More …

Car Audio Speaker Problems? 3 Possible Causes And Getting Good Sound Again

25 November 2018
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It is frustrating to be riding down the road listening to music and then start having problems with your car's audio speakers. If you are having problems, there are many things that can cause this. Below are three of these things so you can get good sound in your car again. 1. Disconnected or Broken Speaker Wires One common problem of having no or bad audio is disconnected or broken speaker wires. Read More …

What To Look For With Your Next Dump Trailer

20 November 2018
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A dump trailer is a great tool to have if you are in the landscaping, construction, or similar type of business. With a dump trailer, you can handle your own pickups and delivery of materials and hauling away construction debris. Here are some features to consider when you are looking to buy or rent your next dump trailer. Tarp Protection Coverage One of the first things you will need to consider on a dump trailer is the type of tarp system or kit it is installed with. Read More …

Suggestions For Self-Defense

19 November 2018
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With there being so much crime in the world, it is important to have the ability to protect yourself if the need arises. You should not only focus on protecting yourself when out in public places, but also in the privacy of your own home. Criminals are known for intruding on residents in neighborhoods and causing trouble, especially when there are no security systems to worry about. Taking up a self-defense class is a great start for increasing your ability to protect yourself against criminals. Read More …