Give New Life To Your Old Vehicle With A Dashboard Entertainment Upgrade

Give New Life To Your Old Vehicle With A Dashboard Entertainment Upgrade

2 August 2022
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New cars have all kinds of bells and whistles, but one type of feature that is now consistently available is an entertainment console built right into your dashboard. These systems can typically connect to your phone via Apple CarPlay software. You can get everything from your music to your text messages and your latest map route right on your car's center console. If you are driving an older car though, you might feel like you are missing out. Here's why you might want to look into installing a new entertainment setup into your older car.

A Dashboard or Center Console Display Means You Can More Easily Keep Your Eyes on the Road

If you are currently glancing down at your phone while driving, you are not being very safe while out on the road. It's understandable if you use your phone as your GPS, but your phone may still get notifications or give you other distractions to deal with as you move down the road. Using a dashboard or center console display that connects to your phone will make it much easier to stay focused on the current map route and avoid other possible distractions. You also won't have to glance too far away from the road when the information you need is right on the dash instead of on the phone sitting in your lap.

A New Entertainment Install Can Make an Older Car Feel Much More Modern While Saving You a Lot of Money

Perhaps you've wanted this kind of dashboard or center console setup with your smartphone for some time and have been thinking of getting a new car so you can have these advanced features. But if your older car still runs well enough under the hood, why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a brand-new car when you can simply install a new add-on to the dashboard for so much less money? The new setup will give you modern features while you continue to get more value out of your older vehicle by continuing to watch the odometer climb.

Monitor Multiple Types of Information From One Device

Do you have a smartphone, a GPS device, and maybe even a CD player all in your old car? With a system like Apple CarPlay, you can collect multiple types of information all on one screen that is synced to just your phone. You can make use of a more modern user interface (UI) for everything from your music to your maps, and maybe you can even throw that old, clunky dedicated GPS device into the recycling.

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