There's No Business Like Snow Business: Starting A Snow Plow Business

There's No Business Like Snow Business: Starting A Snow Plow Business

21 December 2018
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Do you own a truck that is capable of holding a plow and need some extra income? If so, you could start your own snow plow company. Most people who use these services are always looking for a better deal than what they are currently paying. By lowering your rates, and still providing good service, you can beat out the competition and secure a ton of customers. This article goes over some of the places that you might plow during the winter months, so you can get a better understanding of the type of demand for snow plow services


People who need their driveways cleared of snow will hire you to do it. It's a good idea to scout out the driveway first so you can plan how to get in and out the area efficiently. Some driveways are trickier than others. Also, make sure you have a set price plan for the length of the driveway or the amount of time it takes to plow it.


A lot of businesses in the town have parking lots that need to be plowed so their customers can use them. They may already have a company that they use for it, but you can take your information to them. The company might decide to use you instead if they are not locked into a contract. Base your price on the size of the parking lot, and estimate how long it takes to clear so the customer knows.


Schools also have large parking lots that need to be kept clear every day so buses and other vehicles can use them. Again, the schools may have another company they are using. You can pitch them the idea of hiring you for the job. If there is no contract, they might start one with you. Then you would be locked into that job until the contract ended. If you live in a large city, try all the schools in the city. You may get lucky and get multiple jobs.


Your county has snow plows that are responsible for plowing the roads after it snows. You can try applying with the county in order to plow for them. For this, you will need to have the required license to drive their snow plows. This would be something to fall back on if you need some more jobs until you have a steady client base.


Before you begin your snow plow business, make sure you follow all the rules specific to your state. You will need insurance in case you happen to damage something on the job. You will also need a special license provided by the state.

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