Tips To Keep Your Corvette Clean And Looking Its Best

Tips To Keep Your Corvette Clean And Looking Its Best

29 November 2018
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Taking care of your Corvette is an ongoing task with the amount of use your vehicle gets on a regular basis. Cleaning the interior of mud and dust and cleaning its exterior of snow, ice, and dirt can keep you constantly washing and wiping its surfaces. To help you keep your Corvette's interior and exterior clean, here are some extra accessories you can add to your car.

Protective Floor Mats

The traditional carpeted mats your Corvette comes with are helpful for collecting dirt from shoes so you can shake them out and vacuum around them when the time comes to clean up. But when any ice, snow, or mud gets into your car's interior, it can make the cleaning process a bit more detailed. It is best to leave mud or moisture until it dries before you can clean up the dirt particles, as wiping mud off will only push it further into the upholstery.

When you install your Corvette with fitted rubber floor mats, they collect water, ice, snow, and mud so you can remove them to easily spray them clean at the car wash or with a hose in your front yard. This keeps the car's interior carpeting cleaner longer and prevents staining that can happen to its interior. You can find fitted Corvette floor mats to fit your car that are also embossed with the Corvette logo.

Seat Covers 

In addition to the floor of your vehicle, your Corvette's seats also receive a great deal of dirt, wear, and tear, which can quickly age them and make them look worn and dirty. However, covering them with a car seat cover will protect your vehicle's original seats from everyday use to prolong the appearance of your car's interior. Then, if something stains your car's seat covers, you can simply wash or replace the cover with a new one and not have to worry about removing stains from the car's original upholstery.

You can find Corvette seat covers that fit your vehicle's car seats like a glove and that are sharp-looking. They come in a variety of colors, themes, and styles, and also with the Corvette logo to keep your car's interior looking smart.

Windshield Cover

The outside windshield of your Corvette can also be kept clean of bird droppings, leaves, snow, and ice in the winter with an exterior windshield cover. A windshield cover protects the glass on your window and attaches securely onto your vehicle so it doesn't blow off during a heavy storm. So, when you are ready to drive your car, you just take the windshield cover off.