3 Tips To Keep In Mind As You Design A Custom Car Magnet

3 Tips To Keep In Mind As You Design A Custom Car Magnet

28 November 2018
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A custom car magnet is a great way to advertise your business. A custom car magnet, with the right design, can help you increase the exposure of your business. When you design custom car magnets, keep in mind that size, color, and simplicity matter.

#1 It's All About the Quality & Size

As you design an image for your custom car magnet, keep in mind that size matters. An image that looks great when it is across the top banner of your website or on your business card may not look as great when it is blown-up and stretched across your vehicle.

When you create an image to use on your custom car magnet, make sure you use a high-resolution photo or use a file in vector format. You don't want the image to end up looking distorted or pixelated.

To check and see if the image on your computer will look good on the side of your car, zoom in anywhere from 400%-800% on your computer, and make sure the image still looks crisp and not pixelated. If the image doesn't look good when you zoom in really close, you need to increase the quality of the image.

#2 Use Full Color

When it comes to designing a custom magnet for your vehicle, go for a full-color magnet. A full-color magnet with an image can help convey more information about your business than words can on their own. Using full-color images on your custom car magnet will help ensure your message is conveyed as you drive.

For example, if you run a catering business, a picture of the food can help convey what your business is about in a time-efficient manner. Or if you run a business that sells sporting equipment, a picture of that sporting equipment or of a sporting event can help convey important information about your business.

Full color images help you get your message across faster, which is important when you only have a matter of seconds to make an impression on a potential customer.

#3 Keep Things Simple

Keep things as simple as possible on your sign. Use a full color image to show what your business is about. Put your business name on the car magnet in large, clear letters. Include a contact method, such as a phone number or website address.

Do not overfill the car magnet with additional information. A car magnet is a way to raise awareness of your business; it is not the place to get into in-depth information about your business.

When you design a car magnet for your business, keep the message simple and use a full-colored image to convey what your business is about. Be sure to use a high-quality image that will look good when it is blown up and put on your vehicle.