Car Audio Speaker Problems? 3 Possible Causes And Getting Good Sound Again

Car Audio Speaker Problems? 3 Possible Causes And Getting Good Sound Again

25 November 2018
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It is frustrating to be riding down the road listening to music and then start having problems with your car's audio speakers. If you are having problems, there are many things that can cause this. Below are three of these things so you can get good sound in your car again.

1. Disconnected or Broken Speaker Wires

One common problem of having no or bad audio is disconnected or broken speaker wires. Look at the wire that is coming from the head unit and then connected to the speaker. If the wiring looks fine you should still test it to be sure. One way to do this is to run a temporary wire from the head unit to the speaker. If the speaker works with the temporary wiring, then the wire is bad.

Another way you can check for problems with wiring is by using a car multimeter. You can purchase this at an auto parts store. The multimeter will come with instructions on how to use it. If the multimeter shows a good reading for the wires than they are not the problem but if it does show a bad reading you need to have the wires replaced.

2. Old Speakers

If your speakers are old, you likely hear a popping and crackling sound when you turn on the audio. This means it is time to replace the speakers with new ones. An audio repair technician can replace the speakers for you.  While your car is there talk with the audio repair technician about adding more speakers to your car to give you better sound.

A professional can also help you choose newer speakers as there are likely much better speakers on the market than when you first bought your car. This will not only fix your audio problems, but you will have high-quality sound coming from the speakers.

3. Check the Amp

If you have installed an amp in your car to gain better sound you need to ensure it is working properly. The settings on the amp may have changed for some reason. If this happens, you need to tune the amp. If you find problems make the needed adjustments and you should have your sound back again. There could also be problems with the wire connections on the amp. Check all connections, and if you see any are loose, tighten them. If you see old wiring that has started to deteriorate replace this with new wiring.

There are many problems you cannot see, such as wiring that runs behind doors. A car audio repair technician has equipment they use to test wires, as well as to check other problems you may be having with your audio. For more information, contact a company like Car Stereo City today.